Hello guys the match was between Kelvin Owens and Roman reigns the fought a match last week it was Kelvin Owens that defected Roman reigns the reason was that Roman reigns did not aspect the attack from Kelvin Owens. 

So this week it was royal rumble and it was fantastic the match was like a war one to one.

Egde won the Royal rumble while Roman reigns own Kelvin Owens  in a last man standing match  Kevin Owens tough he was the only man standing but he was wrong about it Roman reigns defected him and won the match .

She was the one that one the match so see how is she very excited to win and she is proud of it she didn't believe she would win the Royal rumble.

She aslo won the match too and she is also excited to heeswhe in the winner take is not than esay to through a tough fight and you came out first she not than simple to do that why many of them are running away.

He was sock he would win the bet that's while he is looking at the bet like an egg .

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