Enough of raping our women, kidnapping and killing our people, Akeredolu fires back

Miyetti Allah can never have security outfit in Niger Delta – UNDEDSS 
Following the arrest of 37 herdsmen and 5,000 cows by Amotekun Corps in Ondo State, the National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo has warned the security outfit and those that created it or behind it not to dare the Fulani.
The Ondo state security outfit had arrested the herdsmen over their failure to register with the state government or vacate the state’s forest reserves. They were arrested in government forest reserves located at Ala, Oda and Ofosu areas of the state.
Recall that Governor Rotimi Akeredolu had issued a seven-day quit notice to the herdsmen in the government forest reserves across the state following increase in crime especially kidnap for ransom traced to the forests.
Reacting to the arrests announced Thursday by the state’s Amotekun Corps, Bodejo, said, he has heard it and noted that it was illegal. He said: “I have heard that. These people are looking for trouble; you cannot intimidate the Fulani. What these people are doing is not legal. We have law in this country, which permits Nigerians to live in any part of the country.
Some desperate politicians created this Amotekun corps and they cannot succeed. Before oil was discovered in this country, it was cattle rearing and farming that Nigerians relied on, and the North was on top of this. We are not backward; the first Nigerian leader after independence was a Fulani man and we have contributed so much to build this country”, he fumed.
On the claims by Miyetti Allah that the Constitution guarantees freedom for every citizen to move and live in any part of the country without harassment by anybody, Dojumo said it is very correct, but pointed out that the constitution also spells out that, “ you are to live peacefully with your host community; you are to live within the consent of law; you don’t have to go and become a criminal, kidnapping people, murdering people, robbing people. I don’t think that the constitution is interpreted that way.”
On what is to going to be done to the arrested men and the cows, the governor’s security aide said investigation is still going on.

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