Snails take over the beauty industry and ladies are testifying to this

 It is no longer news just about some drastic measure some ladies or even men sometimes take just to look extra beautiful and younger. and the latest in town is placing life snail on the face and allow it to crawl all over staying

 in simple term snails is a gastropub rich  river animal  found in Riverineareas  with a shell large enough to retract his body completely into it 
they have Serious relevance to human and the ecosystem for humans they serve as  food 
test and virtue of disease and their shell also used as decorative materials and sometimes Incorporated to jewelries

 snails also have literary and cultural significance which is associated with patients it is used the metaphor of depict someone who is not fast enough for example she is as low as a snail 
also will answer is of great importance to the eco-system they are at the bottom of the food chain they feed on vegetables that much Leaf litter rotting vegetables fungi and sometimes in the soil directly snails
rely mostly on calcium-rich diet and other nutrients that support the growth and repair of their tissue and his health as well they can serve as food for Predators that rely on it for their calcium and some others nutrients it offers different varieties of animals feed on snails from as little as insects to lizards and snakes salamanders birds and Mammals 

species of Fireflies consume snake exclusively during their larval stage most best reliance name for the reasonable amount of calcium they provide you provide calcium and other nutrients versus to the formation of shares and embryo is not the ones implied that the regular-season White Female turkeys to consume up to 40% more slaves than their usual consumption rates but despite these important uses of snails to human as mentioned above this animal has his found his way into beauty industry employing the Slime makes people look more beautiful and younger and the question is how does this lump treatment actually works perfectly well

 though some people on social media giving testimony says it's bad  but I'm not actually sure it worked properly as the implied they might be applying other additives that make it worked perfectly it might not just be the name that the magic or was it well that is for the leaders and some men that use this method to answer it is no longer surprising the extent most women go just to look more beautiful from bleaching to different varieties of surgery enlargement of various parts of their body and someone must time some of the drastic measures they take goes wrong and sometimes it is negative results just like a lady that was all over the news for breast enlargement gone wrong surprising in some men are not exceptional however using snails on the face is kind of a natural remedy and does not involve the use of some artificial chemicals or nerves going through the body or face the theory behind this  $250 almost 100000 naira alternative to more commonly discussed beauty treatments is that this needs more coarse contains protein antioxidants and hyaluronic acid which rejuvenate the skin and makes it looks fresher and softer 

DR chia chi kao who was named as Vogue as one of the plastic surgeons revolutionising the facelift said he isn't so sure about this mental he often advises people to look for alternatives to plastic surgery and Snail facial isn't among his top treatments instead he has some different suggestions  for looking your best at any age which he shares on an oprah prime  episode focused on aging

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