Azubuike Michael Egwu popularly known as zubby michael was born in February 1st 1985 in anambra state
he's a Nigerian actor and a movie producer do he became famous when he played a role in The Following movie titles  three widows
 Professional lady
 And royal storm
 his first appearance was in the movie titled missing rib 
He obtain a degree in mass communication from Nnamdi azikiwe University recently he shocked his fans from a movie title THE  DEATH OF ZUBBY MICHAEL
 the movie in summary is about a king in particular Kingdom and a disreputable gang member who kills maturity and torture innocent people in the Kingdom 
zubby Michael played an important role for fighting for freedom and saving lives of innocent people zuby Micheal and his squad for against the Notorious gang but it's quite a surprise and abnormal that uses real name as the title for the movie which doesn't sound right even the Bible it says there's power in the tongue the power of life and death whatever you wish yourselves comes to you we just pray that nothing happens to zubby Michael because is a favourite actor so we don't want to lose him now

 what is your opinion and what do you think about this drop it below.
 do you think you did the right thing by using his real name for the movie?
 or do you think it is wrong ?

drop your comments and tell us what you think thank you and God bless you

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  1. No I don't think it's bad, he is not really wishing for himself to die


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