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The news that a new virus called G4 has been found in China and it might become a pandemic like the covid-19.

 the world right now might be looking forward for asking what is actually wrong with China and why all these diseases are coming from their country it was first Corona virus which put the whole world at a pause by affecting more than 10 million people and claim over 500000 people then they brought a new virus called the hantavirus the latest  and now is the swine flu which is said to have potential of becoming a pandemic too
  Chinese researchers have discovered a new type of swine flu that can affect humans as the potential to cause a future pandemic according to a study released on Monday though scientists have cautioned that the virus does not pose an immediate global Health threats the disease which researchers called the G4 virus in genetically descended from the H1 N1 swine flu that caused the pandemic in 2009 G4 Now shows all essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus said the study published in the scientific journal proceedings of the national Academy of sciences pnas 

                             How it spreads
1. The Airborne respiratory droplets EG cough and sneezes

2. By touching contaminated surfaces E.g  blankets or doorknobs 
3. by saliva kissing or sharing drinks 

These are symptoms of the swine flu or G4  virus 1502
 Series sore throat 
And body aches
 How to prevent the spread and Stay save

The best way to prevent swine flu is to get a yearly flu vaccination

 what are easy ways to prevent swine fluids include
1. frequently washing hands with soap or hand sanitizers not touching your nose mouth or as the virus can survive on surfaces like telephones and tablet tops
 2. You cannot get swine flu from properly cooked but you can be a target if it's the one not properly cooked
Let's stay safe and hope it doesn't spread to the whole world like the Corona  virus did
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