A lady who died 2 months after sharing a disturbing post on Facebook

It is really saddening when people are quick to make certain confessions from their mouth Words are powerful that is the very reason certain words are not to be toyed with

a Facebook user who goes by the name Sandra George had on the 4th of April 2020 May
Made a disturbing post on Facebook the post had lots of reactions from Facebook users as they took to the comment section to air their views on the matter
 a photo of the post of the lady Sandra George made her Facebook page before her dismiss can be seen below

 according to what she posted on her Facebook these were her exact words 

If I die in this lockdown no need for autopsy  na yam and red oil and garri and salt kill me

It is really disturbing that she died  barely 2 months  after her post on the 20 of June 2020 the post had a lot of Reaction and some people like the post some laughed at  the post while some  used the sad reaction on the post

quite a lot of people did not hear from the lady after she had made the post she never came online   or message anyone on the Facebook messenger application the attention of the public was drawn to the lady when a poster as regards for her burial was released the burial poster for sandra can be seen below

 A lot of people took to the comment section that people should not joke with their words some of them wrote RIP as well as sympathize with the family for the loss of such a beautiful lady Sandra George was described as an energetic and loyal being whose departure has caused a vacuum that can never be filled

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